Ann Gushurst, LLB

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About ME


  • B.Sc., University of Toronto, 1983

  • LL.B., University of New Brunswick, 1994


  • Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals

  • Director, Board of Directors, American Family and Conciliation Courts, Colorado Chapter

  • Executive Member, Family Law Executive Council of the Colorado Bar

  • Member ex-officio, Board of Directors for the Colorado Collaborative Law Professionals (past President)

  • Member, Colorado Judicial Institute

  • Colorado Bar Fellow Emeritus

  • Member, Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee

  • Member, Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee

  • Colorado Bar Association Family Law Newsletter

  • Member, Catholic Lawyer’s Guild

  • Member, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Colorado Member, Academy of Collaborative Practice

  • Member, National Association of Professional Women

  • Member, Colorado Bar Association

  • Member, National LGBT Bar Association of the American Bar

  • President, Board of Directors of Maria Droste Counseling Services


  • Too many to list.

  • Trained from 2009 - 2016 on ethics in Collaborative Practice

  • 40 hour Mediation Training, CDR Associates, 2002

  • 80+ hours of training in Collaborative practice

Presentations Given

Presentations listed are for the last five years only:

  • “Constitutional Rights in Family Law”

  • Annual COBAR Family Law Institute, August 2018, Vail. With Steve Epstein, Esq.

  • “Crafting Parenting Plans that Work”

  • June 2018 State Judicial Conference (with Kate McNamara, Ph.D, and Joan McWilliams, JD)

  • “Constitutional Rights in Family Law”

  • June 2018 State Judicial Conference (with Steve Epstein, Esq.)

  • “Tort Settlements and Marital Property Considerations”

  • Spring, 2018, private seminar for PI litigation firm.

  • “The role of the PRE/ CFI”

  • COBAR FLI Spring law update 2018

  • “Best Practices”

  • AFCC Regional Annual Convention, October 2017, Breckenridge.

  • “Common Law Marriages; uncommon issues for same sex couples” DEBA Bar Association presentation March, 2017

  • Property and Maintenance Issues presentation for State Judicial training regarding Mediating Domestic Cases in Colorado Courts, presentation, State Court, April 2016

  • “Parenting plans for young children” Vail, ABA national conference, January 2016

  • Cultural Competency, CoBar Fall Family Law Update, October 30, 2015

  • Annual Family law Institute of the Colorado Bar association

  • “Parenting plans for infants” August 2015

  • Family Law Institute of the Colorado Bar Association

  • “Update to legal issues in GLBT families” March 27, 2015

  • Annual Family law Institute of the Colorado Bar association

  • “DOMA, the Post-Windsor Legal Landscape, Civil Unions and Taxes” (with Preston Hofer, CPA) Vail, August, 2014

  • Presenter at Collaborative Law Training: Level One December 2009-2016

  • AFCC presentations (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts):

  • "Therapy as a Due Process Right" with Dr. Lyn Greenberg and Dr. Kate McNamara Denver, November 2018

  • "Mediating Difficult Cases" with Joan McWilliams and Barbara Shindell Denver, November, 2018

  • Metro Denver and Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee/ Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee:

  • "Alcoholism; Once an Alcoholic, Always an Alcoholic?" with Barbara Shindell and Lorraine Bachman, Denver, November 2018

  • “Endangerment, if you can prove it” March, 2018 with Mark Vick, MA.

  • “Cultural Competency” April 2016

  • “Legal Issues Surrounding Non-Traditional Families” 2013 (with Kristi Wells)

  • Annual Colorado ADR Conference

  • “Impasse, GALs and Arbitration” (with David Littman) August, 2012

  • Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association

  • Presentation on the Legal Issues faced specifically by Gay and Lesbian couples in family law 2012

  • "Civil Unions in Colorado: Family Law Implications," for CLE International (with Heather Broxterman) November, 2013.