Excellence in Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Strengthening Your Collaborative Skills

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Excellence in Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Strengthening Your Collaborative Skills

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CCDP proudly presents Linda Solomon, LPC, LCDC, LMFT

"Excellence in Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
Strengthening Your Collaborative Skills"

Advanced Collaborative Practice Training

June 15 & 16, 2017


This is an exciting opportunity for collaborative team members: attorneys, financial professionals, and mental health professionals/collaborative divorce facilitators, to work together for two days to strengthen your knowledge and skills. Regardless of whether you are new to Collaborative Divorce, or are a long-time practitioner, experience the value of each professional on the team, and the strength a fully-functional and coordinated team can bring to the process. There will be ample time for role plays, video segments, small- and large-group discussions, and questions and answers.

Linda Solomon is recognized nationally and internationally as an exceptionally effective collaborative trainer. She offers a hands-on, intensive interdisciplinary training for all collaborative professionals.

Join us for two days at the Golden Community Center, 1470 10th St, Golden, CO 80401.

Check-in at 8:30 a.m., training 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Lunch provided.

CLE credits to be applied for: 15 Regular & 2.4 Ethics Credits

This is a two-day workshop for collaborative professionals to work together to strengthen their knowledge and skills as team members. To work together on teams, we need considerable knowledge, skills, and self-awareness. The two days will include role plays, video segments, and small- and large-group discussions. There will be ample opportunity for Q & A. Ms. Solomon, a member of the IACP Training Faculty, will share her experience and many lessons learned from her work during the past decade as a Neutral Mental Health Professional in the collaborative process.

The team working on a Collaborative Divorce case is like the proverbial three-legged stool. Each leg is necessary to keep the seat level, and no single leg can be shorter or longer. Each attorney, financial professional, and mental health professional take the part of a leg whose job is to keep the couple balanced, focused, and supported. This training will explore the reasons to have each member of the team participate, how to market Collaborative Divorce more effectively as a value-added proposition, and the imperative to start the process with the entire team assembled from the beginning.

Day One: Developing an Understanding of the Team Approach - what each professional contributes and how the entire team coordinates the collaborative divorce process. 

Participants will experience how each professional supports and is integrated into the process. Learn about the importance of each professional's role, especially that of the Mental Health Professional/Collaborative Divorce Facilitator (MHP/CDF). Develop strategies to support the delicate balance between neutrality and advocacy, exploring the challenges of both. 

Day Two: Continuing and Applying Lessons from Day One

Participants will have a chance to work on team concerns and develop skills to strengthen their participation with one another in collaborative matters. Ms. Solomon will address solutions to overcome challenges that occur during the Collaborative Divorce process.


Conference Pricing

$395 - Non-CCDP Members

$345 - Established CCDP Members*

$250 - Newly-trained CCDP Members**

* - Member Perk not available for Affiliate Members
** - Must have taken Level I Collaborative Training in either December 2015 or December 2016 and have joined CCDP above Affiliate Level.
To pay by check, please email us.


Who Should Attend This Conference

Anyone interested in sharpening their Collaborative skills and growing their Collaborative Practice including:

  • Mental Health Professionals, Collaborative Divorce Facilitators, and Coaches

  • Attorneys

  • Financial Professionals

  • Mediators

What You Will Learn At This Conference

The unique roles of each team member and the advantages of forming the team at the beginning:

  • How the MHP/CDF enhances the collaborative process.

  • How to effectively structure and interact with members of your collaborative team.

  • How to market Collaborative Divorce as a value-added proposition

  • More Learning Objectives at this link.

As financial advisors, our training and paradigm is finding solutions for our client’s financial dilemmas and helping them achieve their financial goals. There is a completely different paradigm that must be employed by the financial specialists when working with clients in the Collaborative model—that paradigm is one of neutrality.

Linda Solomon’s training was so powerful and had a profound effect on helping me understand (and make) the paradigm shift to embrace the power of neutrality. This has allowed me to be able to hold space for the needs of both clients and guide them through the process of finding their financial possibilities, as opposed to finding the possibilities for them! It is a MUST attend!
— Deb Johnson, ChFC, CDFA, CCDP Board Member, former IACP Board Member
Linda knows her role in the Collaborative process, is an excellent communicator and instructor and will instill a great sense of enthusiasm in those who attend her work shop.
— C. Bert Dempsey, Attorney, and CCDP Board Member

Linda Solomon is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, and is trained as a Mediator and Parenting Coordinator. She has been in private practice in Dallas, Texas, for over 30 years.  She is actively involved in the collaborative team approach, working as a Neutral Mental Health Professional. She was instrumental in the development of the Neutral MHP Model in Texas and was a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas Board of Directors. 

Linda has presented training on coaching and collaborative practice nationally and internationally. She has presented at annual International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) Forums in on such diverse topics as The Role of the Neutral Mental Health Professional, Balancing Neutrality in the Process and A Comparison of the One Coach and Two Coach Team Approach.  Linda, a former member of the IACP, was also part of the 2013 IACP Institute introductory training team and is a member of the IACP Training Faculty.

She is a member of the Lone Star Collaborative Training Team and serves as a mentor to other mental health professionals world-wide.  She is a former board member of IACP and The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas. In addition, she has served on the planning committee for the conference several times.  Linda is the proud 2015 recipient of The Gay Cox Collaborative Spirit Award in The State of Texas.

Linda continues to be committed to helping collaborative practice spread throughout the world with particular focus on the team approach.  She is passionate about her profession having a clear understanding of the role on a collaborative team and helping the other professions understand how mental health professionals will contribute to the process.

For questions, please contact us at admin @

For questions, please contact us at admin @