Divorce Shouldn't Be a Battle

No Court - Just Solutions


Many couples unwittingly choose to litigate (go to court) because they are not given a better alternative - Collaborative Divorce. Divorce courts are courts of equity. In other words, in a litigated divorce, the judge has complete discretion to determine what, in his/her mind, is fair for your family. 

In a Collaborative Divorce, the couple and their attorneys are preparing for resolution from day one in a negotiation centered process.The collaborative process recognizes that the couple, and not a judge, is best suited to make decisions that are in the best interest of their family.

Collaborative Divorce is different from a litigated divorce. 

The benefits of a Collaborative Divorce include:

 • Privacy – by staying out of a public courtroom, your collaborative divorce remains confidential. 

 • Control – you, and not a judge, decide what is fair.

 • Financial Resources – from the first day your money is spent working towards settlement, not trial preparation. 

 • Common Sense – you and your spouse reach realistic and workable solutions allowing you both to move forward with your lives.

 • Children – with a greater emphasis on the long-term emotional and financial well-being of both you and your spouse, your children are less likely to feel ‘caught between’ two loving parents.