Divorce Shouldn't Be a Battle

No Court - Just Solutions


Maybe the choice you made on marriage isn’t what you had hoped. But now you have a choice in how you divorce. The Collaborative Divorce process recognizes that you and your spouse, and not a judge, are best suited to make decisions that are in the best interest of your family.

Collaborative Divorce is a better alternative to a litigated divorce. It is a team approach to divorce using a friendly and Collaborative process that keeps you in control of your future, and maintains what is most important: family, finances, and emotional health.

Collaborative Divorce is a method for dissolving a marriage where participants work with a team of professionals to craft their own agreements. Clients work together in a respectful way, keeping in mind the importance of protecting their children and others who may be involved out of conflict. Decisions are made by the participants without the involvement of a judge or other third-party decision maker.

The benefits of a Collaborative Divorce include:

  • It's confidential - by staying out of a public courtroom, your Collaborative Divorce remains confidential. 
  • It's client-, child-, and family-centered - with a greater emphasis on the long-term emotional and financial well-being of both you and your spouse, your children are less likely to feel ‘caught between’ two loving parents.
  • It's creative and customized - you and your spouse reach realistic and workable solutions allowing you both to move forward with your lives.
  • It's convenient - operates on a family's schedule, not the court's.
  • It's cost-conscious - from the first day your money is spent working towards settlement, not trial preparation.