Co-Parenting and Parenting Resources



ArtKive allows you to upload photos of your children's artwork, schoolwork, or any other memories you want to save to their website or app. Organize photos by child and age and build and order a book when you are ready.

Civil Communicator

Civil Communicator is a web-based communication tool specifically designed to assist parents in a safe, confidential, and organized medium for productive communication. Civil Communicator offers a variety of innovative features to aid parents and professionals in the modern co-parenting world. The monitored communication tool provides supervised communication by Review Specialists, who are real people, not robots, and each account is customized to each client's unique situation.

Kids’ Turn

Kids’ Turn is a non-profit organization providing a comprehensive and proven program for children and family members who are affected by familial separation.

Our Family Wizard
Our Family Wizard software allows co-parents to organize shared custody and visitation schedules, expense tracking, messaging and more.

Parents Projects
Parents Project’s mission is to develop parent-training programs for parents raising difficult or out-of-control children. They are committed to providing highly effective programs that are affordable for every parent.

Partners in Parenting
Partners In Parenting, LLC teaches court-ordered divorce classes and a variety of parenting classes and seminars. These include Brain-Based Parenting, Parenting the Adolescent Brain, Parenting the Pre-School Brain, Boy Brain-Girl Brain, and Parenting From The Heart.

Parenting Time Calendar Software
Understanding that divorce is one of the most stressful, and often disruptive, events in one’s life, I wanted to build a program from the ground up that would help parents and children deal with the complexities of shared parenting.

The CoParenting Toolkit
This book is packed with a treasure trove of fresh new strategies including advanced versions of selected time-tested solutions from its partner, Mom’s House, Dad’s House.

Up To Parents
A free, confidential, and interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents.